Books Authored

The Marketing Revolution

A marketing mega trends book about the future of direct marketing for the 21st century.  Especially  provocative was the emphasis on electronic marketing both for the marketers and the consumers.  Rave reviews include the following:

“Any student or practitioner of marketing who plans to succeed—or even survive—in the coming decade should read it.”

The Marketing Revolution
William E. Waites
Senior Vice President
Ogilvy & Mather

“This is a valuable and legible key to the understanding of the marketing changes that confront us.”

  Stanley Marcus

“Richard Bencin, an enthusiastic participant in marketing’s electronic revolution, shows us how successful companies will meet consumer demands of the 21st Century…”

  Bob Donath
Business Marketing

“Richard Bencin’s book captures the essence of ‘The Marketing Revolution’ by positioning computerized marketing database center stage. …(A) clear picture of how any business can adopt the direct marketing concept…”

Pete Hoke, Jr.
Direct Marketing

“…I cannot think of anyone who has provided such a comprehensive look at the combination of…trends in contemporary marketing.  Combining both an academician’s eye for content and a marketer’s view of the world, Mr. Bencin has succeeded in creating a most provocative book.”

  Jerry I. Reitman
Scali, McCabe, Sloves Direct Response

“…(V)ery excellent presentation on the subject matter…(T)he author has done an excellent job in his research.”

  Edward J. Spiegel
Vice President – Marketing
Spiegel, Inc.

Strategic Telemarketing


A complete “how to do book” about starting up or enhancing a call center.  Both strategy and implementation including Closing the Advertising Loop Electronically, Computers and Telesales, Strategic Implications of the Medium and many basic ways to positively develop a call center.  Again, more rave reviews include the following:

“This book is the finest publication to date on the subject of telemarketing’s (call centers) strategic planning.”

Strategic Telemarketing Book
Eugene B. Kordahl
First President and Co-founder
American Telemarketing Association

“True telemarketing professionals will benefit greatly by having this information at their fingertips.”

  Lee Van Vechten
American Telemarketing Association

“This book focuses on sound strategy and planning.  Technique-hungry telemarketers tend to gloss over these foundations of profitability.  Not Richard Bencin.  He offers in-depth coverage of wide ranging vital topics.”

  George Walther, Author
Profitable Telemarketing

“Numerous examples and success stories are included.  You won’t go home hungry for ideas after reading Strategic Telemarketing.”

Joseph Hauber
Publisher/Editor in Chief

“Excellent…Bencin’s firing line experiences come alive for readers.”

  Del Myers
Vice President
Corporate Editorial Director
Telephone Communications Age


The Encyclopedia of Telemarketing


The most popular call center book of all time published by Simon & Schuster.  Also, it was the first direct marketing book ever published in Japanese and was done so by Bell Systems 24 in Japan (the largest telecom company in Japan at the time).

Richard Bencin was the Editor and wrote about one-third of the 726-page tome.  He worked with 32 of the world’s call center experts including Jonah Gitlitz, President and CEO of the Direct Marketing Association, Eugene Kordahl, Co-founder and first President of the American Telemarketing Association, Warren Blanding, Founder of the International Customer Service Association, Charles E. Yates, Vice President-Market Planning, Business Markets Group, AT&T and most of the top experts regarding call centers.  All contributors earned the prestigious title of “World’s Experts” by Simon & Schuster.

Book credits included virtually all major call center/contact center magazine publishers and many call center service agencies and Fortune 500 Companies.

Book On Encyclopedia Of Telemarketing
"The Encyclopedia of Telemarketing provides a 'soup to nuts' overview of the industry - past, present and future. It can easily serve as a learning and reference tool for the novice as well as the experienced telemarketer."
  John A. Adams, President
DialAmerica Marketing, Inc.

"The Encyclopedia of Telemarketing deserves to be read by anyone in the marketing field - not just those using telemarketing but those who should be. It is a comprehensive guide to both practice and application, filled with fascinating case studies and practical 'how-to' advice. I highly recommend it."

  Edward Nash, President
Nash Direct, Inc.,

"This book is a landmark accomplishment - bringing together the best minds in this burgeoning field. This excellent encyclopedia will serve to educate a growing professional field that desperately needs the perspective and insights detailed herein."
  Raymond A. Roel, Editor
Direct Marketing Magazine

"If you can't find it here, it hasn't been invented! Encyclopedia of Telemarketing provides comprehensive coverage of the disciplines necessary for success when you are using marketing and technology skills to sell, serve and keep customers."
  Andrew Waite, Publisher