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Richard Bencin and Associates are by far the most qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, recognized and indeed most connected Search Consultants. We challenge you to take our measure against any others.

1. Memberships:    
- Direct Marketing Association? Yes  
- American Teleservices Association? Yes  
- International Customer Service Association? Yes  
- Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals? Yes  
- International Customer Management Institute? Yes  
- CCNG International Yes  
- Society of Human Resource Management? Yes  
2. Total years in telesales/customer service?

75+ years

Total years as call center search consultants?

45 + years

4. Telesales/customer service books read? Over 100
(all reviewed for the Encyclopedia
of Telemarketing

5. Telesales/customer service books published? 3 plus 6 assisted

6. Telesales/customer service/direct marketing
articles published?
Over 300

7. Data processing experience? Accredited Systems Analyst

8. Telecommunications experience? Telecommunications Service Engineer for AT&T

9. Major telesales and customer service operations managed? Xerox Corporation
(over 100 employees) and AT&T (both outbound consumer & business-to-business)

10. Written corporate and/or client commendations available for review? Over 100

11. Direct Marketing background......    
Catalog? Yes (featured writer for Catalog Age, Business-to-Business Catalog Marketeer and the
Non-Store Business Report
; contributor to
How to Create Successful Catalogs and The Catalog Management Handbook)

Direct Mail? Yes (wrote direct mail/marketing features for Direct, Target Marketing, Marketing Communications (Associate Editor); published The Marketing Revolution)

Video/others? Yes (trailblazed "telefocus marketing" in Direct Marketing, Sales & Marketing Management, TeleProfessional and wrote featured chapters for the Encyclopedia of Telemarketing entitiled "Integrating Telemarketing With Other Direct Marketing Disciplines and Field Sales" and "Telefocus Marketing")

12. Expert legal call center witness?

Yes (Ameritech, Konica, etc.)  
13. Advertise in multiple call center/contact
center magazines?
Yes (Contact Professional,
Customer Interaction Solutions an
d Connections Magazine)